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Global Brand Power: Leveraging Branding for Long-Term Growth

Today, brands have become even more important than the products they represent: their stories travel with lightning speed through social media and the Internet and across countries and diverse cultures. A brand must be elastic enough to allow for reasonable category and product-line extensions, flexible enough to change with dynamic market conditions, consistent enough so that consumers who travel physically or virtually won’t be confused, and focused enough to provide clear differentiation from the competition. Strong brands are more than globally recognizable; they are critical assets that can make a significant contribution to your company’s bottom line.

In Global Brand Power, Kahn brings brand management into the 21st century, addressing:

Filled with stories that reveal the latest in what leading companies are doing today to leverage their brands and based on solid research, Global Brand Power is the only book you will need to implement an effective brand strategy for your firm.

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Praise for Global Brand Power

“Regardless of your industry, building a brand is synonymous today with building a company and a thriving business. As Barbara Kahn points out in Global Brand Power, the key is to begin and end every discussion thinking about what is right for the customer.  At Macy’s, Inc., we saw a dramatic improvement in business trends when we reorganized our business model and consciously put the customer at the center of all decisions. The principles presented in Global Brand Power can benefit every business leader.”
Terry J. Lundgren, chairman, president, CEO and Chief Customer Officer, Macy’s, Inc.

“Great global brands have to be built and don’t happen by chance.  Barbara Kahn explores and develops the relationship between customer and brands and how to achieve international loyalty. I learned new information from reading this book.”
Roger Farah, President and COO, Ralph Lauren Corporation

“In our fast-changing world, visionary business leaders must build a brand flexible enough to grab key opportunities and strong enough to weather any storm. Barbara Kahn’s Global Brand Power is a superb must-read for those who want to do just that and position their brands for long-term, global growth.”
—George Feldenkreis, Chairman and CEO, Perry Ellis International

“Kahn has captured the true essence of brand stewardship. That is, while strong brands are managed by marketers, they are owned by consumers. Global Brand Power is a concise yet comprehensive tutorial for how to purposefully build, measure and manage brands for sustained relevancy. A great resource for brand marketers, consumer researchers and marketing services providers.”
—Philip McGee, Director, Shopping Insights, Campbell Soup Co.


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