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Special Offers

Wharton Digital Press offers a wide array of special offers, from free ebooks to deep discounts, for you and for large groups.

Special Offer: Preorder The Customer Centricity Playbook

Preorder The Customer Centricity Playbook paperback or ebook and receive a 30% discount off the retail price, along with a free ebook copy of Customer Centricity ($14.99 retail value). Offer ends October 29, 2018. Redeem Offer

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Reach the C-Suite Ebook Bundle

Accelerate your path to the top position with three ebooks that will help you reach your goal: Crack the C-Suite Code, by Cassandra Frangos; The Engaged Leader, by Charlene Li; and Conversations on Success, by Knowledge@Wharton. Redeem Offer

The Gamification Ebook Bundle

This is the ultimate gamification ebook collection, featuring two ebooks from Wharton and Coursera professor Kevin Werbach and Swinburne Law School dean Dan Hunter. For the Win provides all the foundations and frameworks you need to understand gamification; The Gamification Toolkit digs into the gamification elements that you can use to implement a gamification project. Redeem Offer

The Social Impact Ebook Bundle

The Social Impact Ebook Bundle is perfect for anyone who is interested in making a social impact, including investors who want to increase their social impact by investing in impact investments and directly in social enterprises and social entrepreneurs who wish to understand how to launch and fund their enterprises. Redeem Offer

Knowledge@Wharton Conversations Ebook Bundle

What if you could sit down with some of today's most successful thought leaders? Now you can. The Knowledge@Wharton Conversations Ebook Bundle includes two ebooks and double the inspiration. Redeem Offer