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The New Science of Retailing

How Analytics are Transforming the Supply Chain and Improving Performance

Marshall Fisher and Ananth Raman

Retailers today are drowning in data but lacking in insight: They have huge volumes of information at their disposal. But they’re unsure of how to sort through it and use it to make smart decisions. The result? They’re struggling with profit-sapping supply chain problems including stock-outs, overstock, and discounting.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In The New Science of Retailing, supply chain experts Marshall Fisher and Ananth Raman explain how to use analytics to better manage your inventory for faster turns, fewer discounted offerings, and fatter profit margins.

Featuring case studies of retailing exemplars from around the world, this practical new book shows you how to:

  • Mine your sales data to identify “homerun” products you’re missing
  • Reinvent your forecasting and pricing strategies
  • Build end-to-end agility into your supply chain
  • Establish incentives that align your supply chain partners behind shared objectives
  • Extract maximum value from technologies such as point-of-sale scanners and customer loyalty cards

Highly readable and compelling, The New Science of Retailing is your playbook for turning all that data into a wellspring for new profits and unprecedented efficiency.

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