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Fortune Makers

The Leaders Creating China's Great Global Companies

Michael Useem, Harbir Singh, Neng Liang, and Peter Cappelli

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Fortune Makers analyzes and brings to light the distinctive practices of business leaders who are the future of the Chinese economy. These leaders oversee not the old state-owned enterprises, but private companies that have had to invent their way forward out of the wreckage of an economy in tatters following the Cultural Revolution.

Outside of brand names such as Alibaba and Lenovo, little is known, even by the Chinese themselves, about the people present at the creation of these innovative businesses. Fortune Makers provides sharp insights into their unique styles–a distinctive blend of the entrepreneur, the street fighter, and practices developed by the Communist Party–and their distinctive ways of leading and managing their organizations that are unlike anything the West is familiar with.

When Peter Drucker published Concept of the Corporation in 1946, he revealed what made large American corporations tick. Similarly, when Japanese companies emerged as a global force in the 1980s, insightful analysts explained the practices that brought Japan’s economy out of the ashes–and what managers elsewhere could learn to compete with them. Now, based on unprecedented access, Fortune Makers allows business leaders in the United States and the rest of the West to understand the essential character and style of Chinese corporate life and its dominant players, whose businesses are the foundation of the domestic Chinese market and are now making their mark globally.

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About the Authors

Michael Useem

Michael Useem is the William and Jacalyn Egan Professor of Management; Faculty Director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management and McNulty Leadership Program at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His university teaching includes MBA and executi ... More

Harbir Singh

Harbir Singh is the Mack Professor, Professor of Management, Co-Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management, and Faculty Director for the Huntsman Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His research and teaching interests include corpor ... More

Neng Liang

Dr. Neng Liang is Professor Emeritus, and President of International Association of Chinese Management Research (IACMR). Between Year 2002 and 2016, he served as the Director of the Executive MBA Programme, Associate Dean of Faculty, Chairperson of the strategy and managemen ... More

Peter Cappelli

Peter Cappelli is the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources. His recent research examines changes in employment relations in the U.S. and their implications. Cappelli writes a monthly column on w ... More

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