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 Editorial Board

The Wharton Digital Press Editorial Board, composed of very knowledgeable and experienced Wharton faculty from a wide range of disciplines, keeps Wharton Digital Press up to date on emerging issues and ensures that our books and our authors provide the greatest value to readers.

Michael R. Gibbons Headeshot
Michael R. Gibbons
I.W. Burnham II Professor of Investment Banking; Deputy Dean, The Wharton School; Chair of the Editorial Board
Stephen J. Kobrin Headeshot
Stephen J. Kobrin
William Wurster Professor Emeritus of Multinational Management; Publisher and Executive Director, Wharton Digital Press
Dan Alig Headeshot
Dan Alig
Chief Information Officer, The Wharton School
Janice R. Bellace Headeshot
Janice R. Bellace
Samuel A. Blank Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics; Professor of Management
Morris Cohen Headeshot
Morris Cohen
Panasonic Professor of Manufacturing & Logistics; Co-Director, Fishman-Davidson Center for Service and Operations Management; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions
Peter S. Fader Headeshot
Peter S. Fader
Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor; Professor of Marketing
Marshall L. Fisher Headeshot
Marshall L. Fisher
UPS Professor; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions
Richard J. Herring Headeshot
Richard J. Herring
Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking; Professor of Finance
Barbara Kahn Headeshot
Barbara Kahn
Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor; Director, Jay H. Baker Retailing Center; Professor of Marketing
Richard A. Lambert Headeshot
Richard A. Lambert
Miller-Sherrerd Professor; Professor of Accounting
Mark Pauly Headeshot
Mark Pauly
Bendheim Professor; Professor of Health Care Management; Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Mukul Pandya Headeshot
Mukul Pandya
Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief, Knowledge@Wharton
Harbir Singh Headeshot
Harbir Singh
Co-Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management; Vice Dean, Global Initiatives; and Mack Professor of Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Useem Headeshot
Michael Useem
Faculty Director, McNulty Leadership Program; Director, The Center for Leadership and Change Management; and Egan Professor of Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania