What is a digital book?

A digital book is, simply, a book. “Digital” refers to the way in which the book is delivered to you. All of Wharton Digital Press’s books are available as ebooks. They can be downloaded to your e-reader, or with the appropriate application, to your phone, tablet, or computer. Wharton Digital Press also offers print editions available through digital printing technology. When you order a print edition from your retailer of choice, the book will be printed and shipped when your order is placed, rather than be delivered from a warehouse filled with inventory.

Where are Wharton Digital Press books sold?

On each book page, we offer a comprehensive list of where you can buy the book around the world. Wharton Digital Press print books are available wherever books are sold online, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Wharton Digital Press ebooks are available wherever ebooks are sold, including the Amazon.com Kindle Store, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook Book Store, Ebooks.com, Google Ebookstore, Kobo, and Sony Reader Store.   If you do not have an e-reader, it is easy to begin reading ebooks. E-reader devices are available from several retailers. If you prefer to read on your phone, tablet, or computer, apps are available for download. Once you download and set up the e-reader or app of your choice, you can purchase ebooks. Here is a short list of some e-reader apps and platforms:

How do I purchase an order of 100 copies or more?

Wharton Digital Press offers a discount on large orders. Please contact us for further details.

How are Wharton Digital Press’s books distributed?

Wharton Digital Press has partnered with Constellation, a service of The Perseus Books Group, which offers complete digital services for independent publishers, including global ebook distribution and sales, digital print-on-demand, as well as a suite of digital marketing tools. For more information, visit Perseus Books or Constellation Digital.

How can I become a Wharton Digital Press author?

Please visit the Author’s Page, and download “Submission Guidelines for Authors.”