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Innovation Prowess
Leadership Strategies for Accelerating Growth

Achieving superior growth through innovation is a top strategic priority for all companies. Yet most management teams struggle to reach their firm’s ambitious growth targets and suffer slow growth. What distinguishes these growth laggards from growth leaders like IBM, Nike, LEGO, American Express, Amazon, and Samsung that realize their full potential for growth?

Wharton professor George S. Day reveals how growth leaders use their innovation prowess to accelerate their growth at a faster rate. In this essential guide, Day shows how to build this prowess by combining discipline in growth-seeking activities with an organizational ability to innovate. He advises managers on how to:

With the strategies, processes, and methods discussed in Innovation Prowess, leaders can build a tested and comprehensive strategy for driving organic growth year after year.

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Praise for Innovation Prowess

“George Day has captured a concept that is relevant for all companies trying to increase their organic growth rate. His key insight is that growth leaders have developed both discipline and ability. It is akin to having brain and brawn; you have to have both to stay ahead.”
—Vijay Govindarajan, Professor at Tuck at Dartmouth College, Coauthor of NYT and WSJ Best Seller Reverse Innovation

“The book provides a valuable contribution to managing the fuzzy front end of product innovation – to deciding your innovation strategy, picking the most attractive areas to focus on, achieving competitive advantage via the right growth pathways, and driving new products to market. A must read for every executive interested in fostering their firm’s innovation efforts.”
Robert G. Cooper, Professor Emeritus McMaster University, Creator of the Stage-Gate System

“Profitable growth is a priority and challenge for top management. Innovation is critical to sustainable organic growth in organizations. Marketing leaders should and can play a key role in helping drive innovation and growth, and George Day’s book is a little gem of insight and action for deploying successful growth strategies.”
Dennis Dunlap, Chief Executive Officer, American Marketing Association

“This is the best book on innovation that I have read. As Day illustrates, innovation is messy and multi-faceted, but requires a disciplined approach. This book concisely joins the dots of his and others’ experience to help managers create an organization that can repeatedly innovate and challenge itself to change and to create innovation for organic growth. This is done by clearly articulating what makes organizations into repeat innovators as well as the barriers to innovation, and within this, giving managers a set of questions to help them diagnose the innovation capability of their organization. It’s the answers to those questions rather than a template or the latest best practice that will continuously guide teams to improve their innovation prowess. In that way this book should set up a self-sustaining path to create self-sustaining innovation.”
—Robert N. Shaddock, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TE Connectivity

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