What if you could sit down with some of today’s most successful thought leaders? Now you can.

Knowledge@Wharton has interviewed some of today’s leading thinkers about what success means to them. Conversations on Success: 6 Thought Leaders Redefine What It Means to Succeed, drawn from the archives of Knowledge@Wharton, includes interviews with:

  • Wharton professor Richard Shell on defining personal success
  • Barnard College president Debora Spar on women’s (impossible) quest for perfection
  • Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell on the advantages of disadvantages
  • New York Times Corner Office columnist Adam Bryant on the 5 qualities of successful leaders
  • Wharton Work/Life Integration Project director Stewart Friedman on young people’s changing views on career and family success
  • Bestselling author Adam Grant on the surprising truth about who gets ahead

Conversations on Success is a must-read for those who are faced with defining success for themselves and those they lead. The ebook features interviews by Knowledge@Wharton executive director Mukul Pandya, Knowledge@Wharton editor Rachel Kipp, Wharton professor Adam Grant, Wharton Executive Education’s David Heckman, and Wharton Leadership Program executive director Jeffrey Klein.

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    December 01, 2015

    Give the Gift of Inspiration

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    October 20, 2015

    Conversations on Success: Free for a Limited Time

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